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I am Bill Huggins.
I am the Webmaster responsible for this website.I have been a member for 50 years. I have been married to Hazel for 43 years and have two daughters, Belinda and Josie, who are deaf. I,also, have 8 grandchildren. Four of them are deaf and four other are hearing.
I was a carpenter all my life. Most of the time was travelling all over Great Britain fitting out schools, colleges and universities.
My hobbies are cross-stitching,DIY, and watching TV about history,wildlife and archaelogy. I do not like TV soap.
I was the member of SDSA, playing for club on dominoes, shovehalfpenny and cards, sometimes chess.
I would like to thank Ray Lay,IT Co-ordinator for RAD for helping me on Website. I hope that all of you will benefit from it.

Pool News.We have two teams in the !Medway Clubs Pool League"- Playing on Mondays, The 'A' team finished then season in the mid-table while the 'B' team is on the bottom of the league. We have 16 players but still welcome new players, Especially young ones. We will soon start our own K.O competitions and there will be a Presentation evening on September 15th to award various trophies.

THE CRIBBAGE AND EUCHRE LEAGUE. The first year we were in the middle of the third division, then we are,now, second from the top, hoping to be promoted to second division.G White is the organiser. If you want to join the card group, see him.Senior Members meet every Thursday
afternoon. They enjoyed themselves, and organising the various outings for themselves

The main social evenings are on Thursday and Saturday. If the hall has been booked for private party, it is usually in back room. The members still have the right to come in for social evening.

Medway Belles
This is ladies only evenings. It is open on the last Friday every month. All ladies are welcome to come and have a gossip or there may be a demonstration and display of varous kind, such as flower arranging or make up demonstration by the professionals. They say they have enjoyed themselves away from men!! WHOOPEE!!

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